November 1, 2022

396 – The Most Successful Online Dating Practices (with OkCupid’s Michael Kaye)

Head of communications at OkCupid Michael Kaye joins us to discuss online dating, non-monogamy, and more!
396 - The Most Successful Online Dating Practices (with OkCupid's Michael Kaye)

Show Notes

396 - The Most Successful Online Dating Practices (with OkCupid's Michael Kaye)

Today we’re joined by Michael Kaye, head of communications at OKCupid! We’re thrilled to have Michael join us to discuss online dating, how it has changed over the years and over the course of the pandemic, give some specific online dating advice and insight about dating trends, and answer some questions from our listeners about non-monogamous dating on OkCupid.

Find more of Michael at @MichaelKayePR and @OkCupid on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

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