October 18, 2022

394 – 50 Ways to Handle Jealousy – Part 1

This week is part one of handling jealousy; we’ll go over 26 of 50 tools to keep in your jealousy toolkit!
394 - 50 Ways to Handle Jealousy - Part 1

Show Notes

394 - 50 Ways to Handle Jealousy - Part 1

Everyone in a consensually non-monogamous relationship gets asked the question, “How do you deal with the jealousy?” Even people who have practiced non-monogamy for years or who never expected to experience jealousy do experience it, so it’s worth building a toolkit for yourself to break into when you need it. In today’s episode we’re discussing it by going over 26 different tools that can be used to help us handle jealousy when it comes up (and it will come up!). Stay tuned for next week when we’ll go over the remaining 24!

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