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Why use TopTek Friend?

Affordable website & eCommerce for small business


TopTek Friend prides itself on coming up with creative ways to make your small business online strategy affordable.

We have many payment alternatives for small businesses.  We want you to be able to afford an online presence, to grow your business, and to become more productive.

Talk to us about how we can work out a payment plan that fits with your budget.

grow your small business


TopTek Friend believes that small businesses should use smart online technology and grow.

TopTek Friend is your best friend for small business growth.  Our proven methods for online strategy will get more customers for your small business.  Are you ready to grow your business?

Talk to us if you are ready to grow your small business.

friendly business partner for small business online technology needs

Technology Friend/Partner

TopTek Friend wants to be your friend/partner and work together on growing your business and making you more productive.

We believe in win-win solutions, for us and for you.  We want you to succeed.  We want to share our knowledge of online technology so your small business can benefit.

Talk to us if you need an online technology friend the help your small business succeed.

Growing your business and getting productive has never been so fun.

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Web Design & eCommerce

TopTek Friend’s perfect balance of graphic design, web technology and online marketing skills means that we are able to create websites which make a difference to your small business.

We create beautiful, SEO friendly, and converting Websites and eCommerce solutions.  We know online technology.

Do you want to stand out in the crowded online space?



Online Marketing

How will people find you online?  We create online strategies that helps your small business get greater exposure and build up a loyal brand following.

TopTek Friend optimizes your website for search engines and embraces social media.  We create online marketing solutions that will make your business thrive.

Do you want to grow your small business?


Software Integrations

Our team of software developers build custom software, interactive database solutions, web and eCommerce applications for organisations big and small.

Our software integration solutions make your business more efficient, streamline processes and ultimately save you money.

Do you want to get more productive and save money?